Our efforts and preoccupations are focused on preventing the occurrence of conflicts and litigation and we use our expertise in litigation in this purpose from the starting of each project, as the mechanism and the contractual documents are negotiated and drafted. Nevertheless, we are ready to face undesired situations in which no amiable solution can be put in place and the court is the only option for the protection and recognition of rights.

We assist and represent our clients: 

  • In commercial litigations in front of ordinary and arbitration courts (evaluation of the situation, preparation of strategies, drafting of documents – applications, defences, written notes, representation at hearings in Court)
  • During negotiations for amicable settlement during the trial, including drafting of relevant contractual documents
  • In enforcement proceedings of all types of enforceable deeds (judgments rendered by Romanian courts, recognition and assistance of foreign arbitration awards, enforcement of promissory notes, pledges and mortgages, representation in oppositions to enforcement etc.).

Below you can find details of some of our recent projects in litigation & arbitration:

  • Assisting a leading producer of industrial gas in a litigation started by a construction company related to the finalization of an industrial gas production unit
  • Assisting a company from the oil and gas distribution field in several arbitration disputes related to framework agreements having as object the acquisition of products for its distribution network
  • Assisting a major bank in various litigation related to alleged abusive clauses inserted in the loan agreements concluded with its clients
  • Assisting a real estate developer in a judicial dispute with an architecture company having as object the alleged non-compliant delivery of the project, as well as in the subsequent negotiations for the amiable settlement of the dispute
  • Assisting a real estate developer in its judicial claim started for the issuance of a judgment replacing a sale-purchase agreement having as object an immovable asset for which a sale-purchase pre-contract was initially concluded
  • Assisting a global banking cards producer in a public procurement dispute proceedings in front of the National Council for Settlement of the Oppositions
  • Assisting a publishing house in public procurement dispute proceedings in front of judicial courts.