The consistent package of legislation regulating the rules and principles governing the advertising practices, sustained by the increasing interference of the public authorities in companies' advertising campaigns, consolidated clients’ concerns in this respect. In such a context, we have been repeatedly requested to appear in front of the Audiovisual National Council or the National Authority for Consumers’ Protection in order to plead in favour of advertising videos and campaigns. Still we have always sustained the idea of preventive legal assistance from the moment of conceiving such campaigns.

Our legal assistance services include:

  • Legal consultancy on incident legal provisions (compliance with the legal provisions, illegal and deceiving advertising etc.)
  • Legal advice in conceiving and implementing different advertising campaigns and practices (TV, radio, in sale structures etc.)
  • Drafting of regulations governing advertising and promoting campaigns
  • Assistance in front of public authorities 
  • Legal consultancy on the relevant legislation concerning data protection and database transactions.

Below you can find details of some of our recent projects in advertising:

  • Reviewing regulations and reviewing the related advertising materials used in the promotional campaigns launched by a global chocolate confectionery producer
  • Drafting the regulation and reviewing the related advertising materials used in several promotional campaigns organized by a major producer of crop protection products and seeds
  • Legal consultancy provided to the local subsidiary of a global telecommunications group in Romania regarding their audiovisual advertising campaign concerning telecommunication services for consumers.